This blog is dedicated to the Old Gods, the Spirits of the Land, and to my Ancestors. Here, I will share my thoughts on the Neopagan movement, Polytheism, Animism, Magic, spirituality, the paranormal, the supernatural, and Earth Religions. I define Paganism as a religion with the following core beliefs; multiple gods and goddesses (Polytheism), nature populated by spirits (Animism), the guidance and support of the ones who came before us (Ancestor Worship), and our ability to cooperate with these spirit allies in order to improve our lives and the lives of others (Magic). For me, Paganism has nothing to do with your politics, lifestyle, occupation, dress, or mundane interests. Others may define Paganism differently, and do. In this blog, I will be avoiding the secondary issues of politics and lifestyle that divide us, and focus solely on religion and spirituality.

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  1. woodsong woodsong says:

    My friend, I am humbled that you took my suggestion to try out motd on sdf. I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Earrach of Pittsburgh Earrach of Pittsburgh says:


    Welcome to the world outside of Facebook!
    S’about time…

    yer ole bud,
    – Earrach

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